Monday, 1 December 2008

From Advent to Epiphany - a renewed attempt at spiritual discipline

Earlier this year I was inspired by Steve Taylor at emergent kiwi to blog for a month on signs of the kingdom. I found it helpful as a way of grounding and focusing my spirituality and theological thoughts.
So for Advent I thought I would try it again, trying to blog five days out of every seven between December 1st and Epiphany about waiting, preparation, change, and light. We'll see how it goes. Since becoming an adult I have tended to feel something I might call emotional cognitive dissonance in the run up to Christmas. So doing this is a way of trying to feel a bit more connected to what truly nourishes me.

The resources I'll be using for personal meditation will come from the beautiful star box by ALTERnativity (any spiritual exercise that involves eating a chocolate has to be worth a try!) and the Ruth Burgess Wild Goose book Hear my Cry. I'm also reading Maggi Dawn's Beginnings and Endings.
There are also some wonderful resources available on the web and I hope I'll have time to discover those as Advent progresses. Here are some to get your started:
I like the idea of the things from Proost, especially the Advent calendar and comic by Si Smith, but haven't had time to look at them in more datail yet;
Sanctuary are also involving people in writing Advent meditations, perhaps you could offer to write something for them as part of your advent devotions?
Sacred space provides exactly that in many languages and not just for Advent but all year round. The prayers seem to be having problems loading at the moment so click on the printer frinedly version.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if you're talking about steve taylor, not steve walker :)

if you are, then great to see this idea developing and may something new be birthed in you this advent season,

steve taylor

Jane said...

apologies and thanks for putitng me right
I'll correct my blog role as well!