Wednesday, 3 December 2008

To what are you a slave?

The ALTERnativity star box invited us to remember the international day against slavery yesterday, but also to pray for all those in slavery still today. The following comes from the Free the Slaves site:
Today, millions of economically and socially vulnerable people around the world are potential slaves. This “supply” makes slaves today cheaper than they have ever been. Since they are so cheap, slaves are today are not considered a major investment worth maintaining. If slaves get sick, are injured, outlive their usefulness, or become troublesome to the slaveholder, they are dumped or killed.
The star box also asked a more personal question for meditation,"to what are you a slave?" So I've been wondering about that and trying to respond honestly - am I a slave to work, to my emotions, to my past, to my lifestyle?
Listening to Advent promises of liberation and justice in the Magnificat calls both modern day slavery and the way many of us lead our lives into stark relief.