Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Jestina Mukoko arrested

The WSCF Zimbabwe human rights desk has just sent out the urgent message below about the arrest of Jestina Mukoko. Please get this information out to your networks as soon as possible. Continue to pray for the people of Zimbabwe and for Jestina's speedy and safe return. Let's hope ...

Our friends at Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights are sending out an SOS message concerning the abduction of Zimbabwe Peace Project Director, Jestina Mukoko at 5am (Zimbabwean time - 3 hours ago) this morning. Jestina was bundled into an unmarked Mazda Familia by suspected Central Intelligence Organisation agents and her whereabouts are currently unknown. According to her son a group of 20 or more people surrounded their house early this morning and 4 armed men broke in and dragged out Jestina. It is also unclear whether Jestina's abduction is specifically targeting ZPP or is part of a wider clampdown on civil society activists ahead of the planned ZCTU strike action today.
Lawyers from ZLHR are going from police station to police in a bid to locate where she is being held. Our office has alerted the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and they are now making a follow-up within the UN protection system.