Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter lunch

It's been fun. On the menu chatting about life, reading and food, and hearing about how our friend Andreas rode his new tricycle back from Germany while also transporting special spaghetti pumpkins! Some of us even managed to try out his strange new beast, sorry we forgot to get a picture of that.

Anyway if you're interested here's our menu:
Springtime vegetables with homemade mayonnaise (big discovery for all of us were the delicious turnips as well as the asparagus, radishes, broccoli and beetroot).

Roast lamb or mushroom-almond bake with roast potatoes, broad beans and carrots.

Cheese from chez Michelin. Kristin's delicious apple pie and strawberry-cointreau pavlova. After all of that coffee was very necessary.


janetlees said...

Sorry we didn't take any photos of ours but we had roast chicken or roast duck with the usual thousands of Warwicker vegetables. There was a nice marinade for the duck made from orange juice and zest, nutmeg, black pepper and thyme - rub it on your duck before roasting for a yum coating. And then Bob's special apple turnovers which look a bit like apple runovers but taste great! Maybe we should collaborate on a cookery book next.

Jane said...

Cookbook would be a fun thing to do I think -more useful than most of what I do!