Thursday, 2 April 2009

Praying like a woman ...

This evening thanks to a local Anglican priest a group of women gathered to talk about the spiritual needs and feelings of women in the 55-70 age group. Many churches in Europe have a lot of women in this age range and although they may be seen as the backbone of parish life, how often do these women take time out to to consider their own spiritual questions and needs? Between caring for very elderly parents, looking after grandchildren, dealing with retirement and learning about growing old (dis)-gracefully it's a busy time emotionally and physically.
We tried to answer the questions we were asked as honestly as possible and had interesting discussions in pairs about "what frustrates you, what gives you joy, what saddens you?"
We ate and laughed and talked and prayed together, we made new friends and took time out and it did us all good.
Nicola Slee's book Praying like a Woman was also part of the evening as was her book Women's Faith Development. More ideas of things to read ... will there ever be enough time?

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janetlees said...

Both of these books are brilliant so put down whatever else you had and pick them up soon. The book 'Women's Faith Development' helped me a lot to understand grounded theories for my PhD (she sues this sociological approach) and the 'Praying like a woman' is just so welcomingly womanly.