Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Twit the whole Bible in German at the Kirchentag

Here's another fun thing that will be going on at the German Protestant Kirchentag. An attempt will be made to get a whole compressed version of the Bible written in 3,000 140 character long twitter posts and publish it in time for the closing worship. There will be about 40 volunteers at the Kirchentag who will encourage people to write a version of the 3,000 or so different Bible stories that will be available to read. The volunteers will then either enter the "tweets" into the system or make sure that written versions get sent to the central collection point. It sounds like quite a challenge but it also sounds very creative, you can read more here.
You can support the project here - now of course you will need to be able to tweet in German to take part fully but perhaps they'll also have a foreign langauge section?
I also love the German for twitter - let's all become Bibel-Gezwitscher!
The idea comes from evangelisch.de.


Peter Reimann said...

Thanks for this post in English

janetlees said...

And Jesus said 'Are not two tweeters sold for a penny?' or something like that.