Saturday, 11 April 2009

Word of the day "Mutmachen" with Margot Kässmann

We've treated ourselves to the Easter issue of Die Zeit. It has children's pages (click on the link for some fun ways to decorate Easter eggs) and some children doing a front page interview with Bishop Margot Kässmann.
Kässmann uses the lovely word mutmachen to talk about God's relationship with us, Gott macht uns Mut. In many ways it means reassurance but as you can see from these results from Leo, Mut has overtones and undertones of many other layers of meaning - grit, guts, valour, courage, boldness ...
It's a lovely word and a good word to use when talking about faith with German children. Anyway Kässmann's also answers tricky questions about Easter eggs and bunnies and talks about her working week and family life.