Saturday, 25 April 2009

New blogs on the ecumenical block etc.

This week I discovered that Maryann Philbrook, who works with WSCF as a communications intern, is also blogging from the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva. She wrote an interesting appreciation of an international ecumenical meeting this week. I also very much liked this post on ecumenical learning. It made we realise that we take so much for granted in terms of what we know or think we know about each other's churches and spirituality. It sounds like a really good exercise.
And Dr B who is off to Germany tomorrow has allowed himself to be tempted into a joint blogging venture with me. It's called "Holy Disorder" and througout this year we'll try to post thoughts, stories and reminiscences about the peaceful revolution in East Germany. Some things will be in German others in English. We'll see how it goes but particularly as the Summer and Autumn advance I hope to post parts of my diary from the time and translate parts of a radio script I wrote and read in diary format. Anyway despite being a journalist Dr B doesn't really reckon to be a blogger, so this is really to encourage him to try this form of writing too!