Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Maundy Thursday with Seven Weeks for Water

The challenge Jesus Christ sets for us by symbolically using water at his last meeting with his disciples says loud and clear that we have to learn to embody the message of love and service for the renewal and restoration of human communities. Jesus invites us to wash ourselves of our greed and desire for power. Water must be restored to being a source of life and basic right of the whole of creation if the world is to carry on. This Holy Week, we as Jesus Christ’s disciples, are once again invited to allow Christ’s love and challenge to wash over us, so that we may embody his message to others.

"We must wash our dirty feet" says Anderson Jeremiah who has written the final meditation for this year's Seven Weeks for Water.
Jesus uses water as an effective and surprising channel to demonstrate the central aspect of his vision for the disciples’ ministry. According to John’s gospel the Last Supper took place in an undisclosed and secret room, in order for Jesus to be alone with his disciples and loved ones. There were no slaves or helpers to break the bread or to pour the wine – just the gathered few.
Photo: © P. Karl Wallner -