Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Have you lost the plot or have you got your nose in a book

It is a well-known fact in our household that my husband is only really interested in talking with me if I start reading a book. Suddenly the computer screen no longer holds sway over him, he loses the plot of his online research and wants to start a conversation. To beome fascinating and alluring I need to put my nose in a book.
I however am reading. It's not easy to lose yourself in someone else's narrative if you are being interrupted. I become a parody of a distant, uninterested spouse. What is it about seeing someone reading that makes you want to interrupt them? (I have asimilar tendancy to remove teh newspaper from him if we go out for morning coffee.)
For the reader the only solution is to choose a book which bears such a stop-start approach to conversation and marital communication. Unfortunately such reading matter tends also to have little or no plot to lose and certainly no narrative. Michel Tournier's Le pied de la lettre is a case in point. But it is satisfying none the less, a splendid selection of words and their defintions gleaned from French dictionaries or the author's imagination.
So what are you reading at the moment and who or what is interrupting you? Do let me know, I'm desperate for ideas of which book to get lost in next. If I don't have something to read I might just lose the plot.