Friday, 7 December 2007


I've been reading some of my recent posts and realised that I am getting a bit "preachy" in tone or kerygmatic as we say in theological circles. Which gives me a chance to plug the ship of fools website which I enjoy because it's just a bit strange, and I like the sub-title "a journal of Christian unrest". I love the mystery worshiper reports, partly because they sound so awful and also they remind me of home! But I also like lurking on the kerygmania bulletin board, particularly to see whether those involved in the dicussion of John's Gospel a verse at a time will ever reach the end, I suppose if I joined in progress might be faster but I'm not sure. Then there's kitschmas full of things I never wanted. I think I like it because it makes fun of the trappings of faith. So before I try to make yet another sermon out of that I shall stop and encourage you to all go there and find out for yourselves.