Thursday, 13 December 2007

A nun and a journalist blogging from Bali

So sister Pat Nagle part of the WCC delegation to the Climate change conference in Bali has also been blogging. She's a member of an organisation called CAlifornia Interfaith Power and Light which brings together more than 440 congregations. This blog by David Adam of the the Guardian is full of interesting updates, information and opinion pieces relating to the Bali confernce and environmental matters more generally. I love this quote rom his blog - it reassures me that it is not only Church conferences that can be chaotic
"One day to go and a new crisis has emerged at the climate change talks. Not US obstructionism, and not a lack of motivation from the Chinese. No, the greatest threat to the safe future of the planet now seems to be a lack of photocopiers."
Enjoy reading the blogs must get off the blogosphere and get on with something approaching life.