Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Singing the Lord's song ... in Syriac

A colleague has just sent me a MP3 file of the Lord's prayer being sung in Syriac. The recording was made in Damascus in the Syrian Orthodox Church there and apparently the wonderful Father Jean Kawak was directing the choir.
Despite being quite good at languages I've always had problems singing in languages other than English. I realise now that it's because I can't really read music - well I can see it going up and down a bit on the page you know but by the time I've told my voice to try and follow it's usually a few beats too late! Of course now I really regret all of those times I refused to practise the piano or violin. So it's going to be interesting to see how I manage to learn to sing the Lord's prayer in Syriac. Now if only I understood how to load an MP3 onto my blog you could all try it. Maybe I'll manage it by Lent - not sure whether that refers to learning to sing or doing the technical MP3 stuff.


Gustavo Bonato said...

It would be REALLY COOL if the "liturgy" blog became more musical... I mean... Publishing MP3!

There are a couple of ways of doing that, but the most simple is to upload the file to MP3 Tube ( and paste the code in the posts, to embed the player.

Jane said...

Thanks Gustavo
technical help in the form of Stephen will get on to this I promise but we are just SO busy it may take a while yet - then we'll start recording the ecumenical choir!
Thanks for your encouragement!