Friday, 14 December 2007

Time to read...

I've not had much chance to read since my trip to the UK, I'm lucky that my job often involves reading. Though just writing that in this advent season I realise that probably I spend alot of my time reading and writing emails, and much of the content is not exactly edifying! And I'm seriously considering re-writing the passage in Ecclesiastes with "there is a time to proof-read and a time to read." (proof reading being work and reading being pleasure of course!
As the end of year holidays approach I begin to dream of books I might be able to read. It's great to get ideas about new boks from others too, so I appreciated this piece by Bess Twiston Davis in TimesOnline about books that some well-known religious folk have been reading recently or are intending to get around to reading at the end of year break.
One of my favourite books of recent years has been Alberto Manguel's A History of Reading and I'm currently dipping in and out of his A Reading Diary before switching the light off at night. In my bag I have a book by Christian Lehmann called "Patients si vous saviez..." (Patients if only you knew...). It's subtitled confessions of a general practitioner and I'm really enjoying it on the days I go to work by bus. His life seems pretty frenetic and I just love the way he weaves together personal, ethical and professional reflections while railing against ridiculous administrative procedures and rules. It's good fun but get's me strange looks on the bus as I laugh out loud for no apparent reason.
So soon I really hope I'll have some time to read, like a whole day or two, so please if you've got any book suggestions let me know.