Sunday, 16 December 2007

The open door community - discovered thanks to proof reading

One of the ocassional joys of proof reading and preparing text for printing is finding yourself reading something you really enjoy or that simply moves you. So this afternoon I read an article by Murphy Davis, a Presbyterian from the US, who lives and works with the Open Door Community.
"The Open Door Community is a residential community in the Catholic Worker tradition (we’re sometimes called a Protestant Catholic Worker House!). We seek to dismantle racism, sexism and heterosexism, abolish the death penalty, and create the Beloved Community on Earth through a loving relationship with some of the most neglected and outcast of God’s children: the homeless and our sisters and brothers who are in prison."
You can read more about what they do by reading Hospitality which is the journal/newsletter Murphy Davis edits for the community. In the article I was proofing she wrote passionately about the need for prayer to be linked to action and "being", she also gave a moving example of how impossible prayer can be, how being confronted with the poorest and most excluded in society makes prayer as we've known it until then impossible. She also works with the Petra foundation for prisoners on death row in the US. There are some amazing people in the world. I'll try and say some more about what's she's written when I've finished with putting the red pen through some other papers!