Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The ten top tunes on God's Ipod? A pre-Christmas game for aspiring angels

So in an idle moment in the corridor today, while discussing Karl Barth, footnotes and proof- reading, a few of us came up with the idea that we should try and poll colleagues within the department to vote for the top ten tunes on God's ipod (There is probably some branded and approved way that the pod word should be written, personally I hope God has an MP3 player or at least some opensource software that's compatible with the podI thing, otherwise she'll be finding herself lost in the irritations of itunes and unable to get on with the more important task of bringing about a bit more peace and compassion in the world. Ok yes I admit it I've been having one or two problems downloading Radio 4 onto my ipod shuffle!)
Anyway I digress, we've had this idea (proably others have had it too - though I don't seem to remember seeing anything like this on the Ship of Fools website. Sigh, I'm going to have to go and check, at some time tonight I would actually like to switch the TV on and stop blogging) ... PAUSE ... well it would seem not "God's top ten tunes" got no hits at all in Google so this may be a marginally original idea and a game you can all play at home.
However, I should add that we have not quite worked out how to vote or where to vote - someone suggested we could do it via the YouTube site but I'm not sure how that will work. I suspect we may have to call in the electoral comissioners to sort that out. Anyway because I'm the one who blogs I get to decide the rules!
So generally if you are playing alone you can choose your ten top songs for God's ipod.
You could also play the special Simon Oxley rules and choose 10 tunes God doesn't need on God's ipod and I cite Simon's email of this morning to give you the idea (btw I had to correct his German for publication purposes):
"Some tracks not required in heaven:
Stairway to heaven - no need when you are there already.
Eine kleine Nachtmusik- for day and night are both alike to God (Ps 139).
It's now or never - when it's ever...
Oh when the saints come marching in - you wouldn't want it to get too crowded.
Once in royal David's city and assorted Christmas carols - you'll know it didn't really happen like that!
Singing in the rain - sunshine all the way."

However when playing with others you can choose either one or two songs. If you choose one song you can give it a vote of anything up to 10 and if you choose two you can only give each of them votes up to 5.
Another colleague, who has a good sense of the macabre and certainly much better taste in music than I have has provisionally chosen:
Sympathy for the Devil (in its original Rolling Stones version),
Knocking on Heaven's Door (this one by Guns & Roses)
Meanwhile I'll probably be sticking with my original rather tame choices of Spem in Allium by Thomas Tallis and Working and Steaming by Miles Davis. I'll publish the top ten we come up with before Christmas. And if you want to add your lists here feel free.


marcelo said...

Lenny Kravitz - let love rule
John Lennon - instant karma
The Cure - from the edge of the deep green sea
R.E.M. - losing my religion
R.E.M. - imitation of life
Joss Stone - right to be wrong
Caetano Veloso - shy moon
Green Day - good riddance
Natasha Bedingfield - unwritten
U2 - kite

AwfullySorry said...

Jimmy Hendrix's "Little Wing" by Stevie Ray Vaughan

"Silent Night" by Etta James; a bit self-referential, perhaps, but why not