Friday, 14 December 2007

Swiss politics getting interesting

Over the past few days Swiss politics has been getting quite interesting. I need to be careful what I say because I just show my own pitiful ignorance about all things Swiss - well I do live in France and Geneva the city I work in used to an independant City state until 1815. Anyway, despite this being the land of consensus and referendum and things going on as before, the ghastly Christophe Blocher an extreme right wing politician has not been elected to the federal council and as a result his SVP has pulled out of the coalition. Read more about it in the Guardian. The cartoon here is a spoof version of the anti immigration posters Blocher's party used during the recent elections in Switzerland. Frightening, the richer we all get the more we worry about "losing" out to immigrants. Politics throughout Europe seems to be increasingly moving onto the fear of immigrants agenda. But who am I to talk, daughter of an immigrant in the country of my birth, an immigrant in the country where I live and a migrant worker in the country I work...

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Anonymous said...

hi jane
thanks for your comment. yes, i see tithing as an OT idea, not supported by Jesus or NT writers at all!
thanks for the encouragement re my blog!
just had a peek at yours... i have been to Sibiu twice!
(putting this here as a comment on this post as can't see another way to contact you!)