Saturday, 8 December 2007

Whether a cross, crescent or crystal, it's red

I have just come back from visiting the international museum of the red cross and red crescent with the young people from KT in Ferney. I think they particularly enjoyed being in the earthquake simulator. I found being in the small room covered with photos of very young children who survived the Rwandan genocide very moving, just the idea of looking through pages and pages of photos hoping to see your child is quite heart breaking. We had a really good lively guide who knew how to speak to a younger audience and who explained the story of the red cross, crescent and crystal to us.
Language issues were also part of the exhibition on emergency aid where there was a "hit and miss" board (translated as "top et flop" into French!!) looking at how emergency aid actually got through to people in the Tsunami for instance. One flop was a huge amount of medecine that had been sent from various countries but noone had checked that the languages on the packets could be read locally. In the end it cost a large amount of money to incinerate the lot.
Much food for thought and highly recommended if you ge the chance while in Geneva - it's only taken me 14 years of living here to get there!