Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Local food for the family flying in...

Well as the end of year deadlines loom large at work and home, I have at least managed to order a local turkey (well actually truth be told two - the local free range French ones are smaller than the hormone plumped up ones from the supermarket). I think I haven't cooked one for about 17 years. However this year I shall have my mum, my mother in law and my brother in law on hand to offer advice - I'm just not quite sure that there will be enough room for all of us in the kitchen.
I'm looking forward to my last day at work and going to the Ferney market to buy all the vegetables on Saturday, it's a lovely atmosphere and they even sell parsnips (panais in French, Petersilliewürzel in German) which is quite an innovation in France. I'm still not sure if they're available here because so many Brits live in our part of the world or because they are also a local delicacy in Switzerland.
Now I admit I'm not looking forwards to finally having to tidy the house. However we do need to move some things off the floor in order to sleep 8 people.


marcelo said...

Yummy! I'll be doing some cooking too. And it's great to have people in the house.

iffatali said...

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