Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Aux urnes citoyen(ne)s - the Pays de Gex needs you

Well the second round of the municipal elections will take place on Sunday 16th and something surprising has happened. We all expected Ferney pour Tous to merge their list with Ferney Avenir, some in the Ferney avenir list say this had been the agreement for months. However, late last night it became clear that perhaps as a result of pressure from the maire of Divonne Etienne Blanc (boo hiss), Fabienne Faure was no longer prepared to join her list to the Ferney Avenir list.
Meanwhile it seems that Jaime Ferney will join with Pierre-Etienne Duty meaning that he could once more get elected, particularly if there is no movement between the other two lists.
And in case you're wondering about the maire of Divonne, he is currently president of the Communauté des Communes and if Duty or Faure don't get elected in Ferney then Blanc is likely to lose overall control there.
Confused ... hmmm I am too.
Anyway, last Sunday our household split its vote, next Sunday we won't and I too will vote for Ferney Avenir. If I'm honest I prefer straight and dirty party politics which I understand. These municipal elections seems a little feudal and internecine to me but probably I'm just having an ex-pat moment.
Who was it who said in politics it is your friends you need to fear rather than your enemies?
More from Ferney the hub of the universe soon!