Sunday, 23 March 2008

Bearing witness to the resurrection

At worship this Easter morning our minister Bernard Millet had three people in the congregation stand up and read short passages on the meaning of resurrection towards the end of his sermon - we all received the texts as well, entitled the monk, the psychoanalyst and the pastor - Anselm Grün, Nicole Carre, Martin Luther King.
The texts were well chosen and gave us much to ponder on. But more than that was the simple act of the people who read them. Listening to texts on the meaning of the resurrection had an added density for me as I reflected on the history of grief of each of the readers: One had been the first on the scene at the crash which killed one of his twin nieces; another had her husband die suddenly just before reaching retirement; the other is busy clearing her parents' house following her father's death.
Listening to them it occurred to me that this is part of what incarnating the resurrection means. Picking up the pieces of grief, distress and destruction and daring meaningfully to live and believe.
Ordinary extraordinary people living out resurrection.