Saturday, 22 March 2008

World Water Day - Youth insights on Seven Weeks for Water

So today is World Water Day. There are events happening all over the world, scroll down the list here and see what's happening in your country. As the focus this year is on sanitation the campaign to stand up for those who can't sit down is really worth taking part in.
If you can't find something happening near you why not use the day this year to start working and networking on water issues in your area and prepare for a world water day event next year.
Over at Seven Weeks for Water, Natalie Maxson from Canada, who is in charge of the World Council of Churches youth programme, has written a meditation about God's gift of water. She writes powerfully about human responsibility for water, dam bulding and how water is a key right being denied to indigenous people through such large scale construction projects. Natalie also invited three young people Angelious Michael, Mutua Kobia, & Wade Lifton to write about water, its meaning for them and their involvement in campaigning on water issues.
Remember together we can make a difference, so get passionate about water!

A spiritual exercise for Holy Saturday
World Water Day falls this year on Holy Saturday it's called still or silent Saturday in some traditions. Perhaps on that silent day as we wait for the joy of the resurrection to break through we can imagine or listen to the sound of water dripping, marking time. Imagine just how precious each drop is, how life-giving, how essential. Reflect also that Jesus promised to be a source of living waters to the woman at the well.
Maybe you can make recordings or podcasts of a baby being bathed or of water being poured or of a fountain gurgling.
The sound of water reminds us of God's promise of plenty; silence can remind us how little just sharing there is of this resource that is essential for life.