Thursday, 13 March 2008

Praying the Lord's prayer together is radical ecumenism

My colleague Simon Oxley preached a passionate sermon on Monday morning about the Lord's prayer. In it he gave that rarest of admissions by any of us about our convicitons - "I've changed my mind".
Over recent months several colleagues in the ecumenical centre have been having an ongoing conversation over morning coffee about how praying the Lord's prayer at the same time but in our different languages is an incredibly strong sign of the unity in diversity which the World Council of Churches stands for.
On Monday Simon made a strong plea that praying together words which say "Your kingdom come, your will be done" is a radical ecumenical act and ended his sermon by saying
"Saying the Lord's Prayer together, if we do so with the intention of and the openness for the radical transformation that God offers to us, is a foundation for the renewal of the ecumenical movement. It breaks us out of the controlling instincts for self-preservation, or even for self-aggrandisement, of the churches into the freedom to which God calls us. Praying for God’s kingdom to come is the most daring and dangerous thing we can do in our worship."

Keep praying.


marcelo said...

Hi jane.
This was a beautiful post. I really enjoyed reading it and felt encouraged to read Simon's words as well.

Jane said...

Glad you liked it Marcelo
Simon preached it really well as you can imagine
One day we are going to get podcasts sorted out for the EC sermons!