Sunday, 9 March 2008

Word of the day for the elections:"être réélu dans un fauteuil"

We're watching news of the French election results and the phrase "être réélu dans un fauteuil" just made me laugh. It means - hoped to get re-elected without have to do much. Fauteuil is an armchair, so I suppose the idea is that you don't have to move much to get your list through.
Put that one through a computer translation and you'll get some very interesting results.

Anyway the news from Ferney is that the vote is not quite counted, Mr B. will be bringing the news directly from the count in a few moments - I hope.

Meanwhile news from Spain is that exit polls show the socialists may manage to get re-elected.

You may have gathered that this household loves an evening in with the election results. Lots of fun ahead. Helped by the fact that France 2's election programme is being put out by technicians on strike but who have decided to work for the election programme so long as their demands are read out regularly by the hosts!