Thursday, 20 March 2008

Maundy Thursday worship for World Water Day

So at midday today we met in the chapel. We sang and remembered Pilate's betrayal through public handwashing and Christ's slave-like commitment in foot washing; and we broke bread and poured wine; prayed for millions throughout the world who today and tomorrow and next week will have no adequate access to clean water.
It was a powerful half hour.
We prayed for colleagues who are facing illness and wrenching grief this Holy Week; we prayed for horrific situations human beings are living through from Iraq to Tibet, from Afghanistan to Chad to Palestine to Cambodia...
Lord in your mercy...

I'm not sure whether I would have made the juxtaposition between Pilate washing his hands for false absolution and Jesus washings his disciples feet in an act of pure love and servce if we had not been trying to raise awareness of water during Lent. That interchange between the Bible our context, our lives and concerns is a continual source of inspiration to me and I felt very moved. One of the real joys and wonders of ministry for me is this continual discovery of the newness from biblical texts.
You can find the liturgy and my sermonette in the docs section or by clicking on the links.