Sunday, 16 March 2008

Duty-Free Ferney-Voltaire

So Ferney Voltaire is (almost) Duty-free. Here are the results of the élections municipales (the number of seats is provisional):

List Duty 591 votes - 25.53% - 4 seats
List Meylan 869 votes 37.54% - 20 seats
List Landrieu 216 votes 9.33% - 1 seat
List Faure 640 votes 27.65% - 4 seats

And just in case you are wondering how this is worked out, what happens is that the first list gets 50% of the seats as a matter of right and then the remaing seats are divided up proportionally with the winning list getting its proportion of those seats as well.
It's only confusing if you're used to another system and is done this way to ensure that winning lists have a chance of having a proper working majority.