Sunday, 9 March 2008

First round results from Ferney Voltaire

So the results for the first round in Ferney are in and it looks very much as if we are heading for what's called a "triangulaire" with three lists again next week.
Today the four lists did as followed
Ferney Avenir 653 (30.39%)
Ferney pour Tous 640 (29.78%)
Ferney une ambition partagée 558 (26.7%)
J'aime Ferney 218
52% turnout - which is utterly brilliant compared with the UK for local elections but lower than the national average in France for local elections which is much higher.
So perhaps we will be "Duty free" by next Monday but tomorrow is going to be a dififcult day of negotiations - will the lists join together or keep on with hteir own programmes?


David said...

Hi Jane, and hello to Stephen.
Good to read your news about tonight's election - thanks for being the reporter - and let's hope that the relative victory of Francois Meylan's team means an end to the speculative constructions promoted by Mayor Duty.
Best wishes,
David Lewi
22 rue de Genève

Jane said...

Great to hear from you David
Love to you and Ingrid
Let's wait and see what hapapens next week...