Friday, 14 March 2008

Aux urnes citoyen(ne)s - word of the day quadrangulaire

Well we're off to vote again on Sunday and the extraordinary news is that all four lists from the first round will be up for election again. Normally in these circumstances at least one list would try to join with another (called fusionner) and then get concessions from the other side. This had supposedly been the agreement between Ferney pour Tous and Ferney Avenir but, after the poll, when push came to shove Fabienne Faure and Françoise Meylan couldn't come to an agreement. More surprisingly still J'aime Ferney have also not joined forces with Duty's Une Ambition Partagée so there really is everything still to play for and it's been quite a hectic week with meetings organised by each list every night.
In the end it may all depend on turnout and who manages to get their vote out and convince people to change sides. Tomorrow morning's market with each list canvassing opinion is set to be a noisy affair.
If you can bear to work your way through the puns in Alex Décotte's vitriolic prose you can read all about what's been going on in the rest of the Pays de Gex in Ferney Candide. And of course Ferney is still the centre of the universe politically - and this all because of a quadrangulaire - I think I'd translate that as a four-way fight.