Tuesday, 20 May 2008

b2b or w2w?

Dr B.'s just come back from a day with an international church group that's looking to rethink its online Web presence. For part of the day, he said, the usual suspects and names were thrown around, b2b (business-to-business), b2c (business-to-consumer) and c2c (consumer-to-consumer). Anyway, he said, he's invented another idea - w2w, or "worshipper-to-worshipper". After all, the Web changes the relative dimensions of time and space so that, quite literally, a worshipper in Malawi or Zambia can be linked to another in Romania or in Mexico. The World Council of Churches already has its online Ecumenical Prayer Cycle that turns through the whole of the world throughout the year, linking Christians together week after week. Now isn't that maybe the "communio sanctorum" that Luther talked about?