Monday, 19 May 2008

An open pastoral letter from Allan Boesak to the Zimbabwean Church

From Allan Boesak's Open Pastoral Letter to the Zimbabwean Church:
"But there is another world, where people actually matter, where dying children have a face, where abused women have a body and a soul; where hunger and illness are not statistics but a cry to heaven. This is aworld where we know that people die because decisions are being made,where people can be held responsible for these decisions and for their consequences and where God is reminded of his promises. This is a world where people pray and fight for justice and peace to embrace,and where we believe that God's shalom must become part of our humanreality. This is a world where caring and compassion are not strategic or incidental but real and at the core of our life together, of our being human in the world. That world knows about Zimbabwe because it cares for the people of Zimbabwe. I come from that world. I recognise what I see in Zimbabwe because I have seen it before, here in South Africa. I know tyranny when I see it, and it is in Zimbabwe as surely as it was in South Africa."

You can read the full text of the letter on the ENI site.