Saturday, 24 May 2008

A liturgy in celebration of sexuality and love

I've posted a morning prayer liturgy in celebration of sexuality and love to the docs section. It was put together by Sabine Udodesku and others in the WCC worship and spirituality office for the meeting of the WCC's sexuality reference group taking place this weekend.
Simple celebrations of our sensual, sexual, loving lives are not easy to find. Fitting these concerns into a 20 minute morning prayer is also quite a challenge, perhaps this can encourage others to develop liturgies on this theme. Here's a taster of yesterday's prayers:

"Here, together, coming to meet with you, we become conscious of you as the reality, the true basis of life.
Life is your gift – air to fill our lungs, bodies, which we can transform into energy: but the gift was made ours. We have chosen life not just eternal life. Red-blooded, food-loving, friendship and love-seeking life – such as Jesus enjoyed at the feasts of publicans and sinners.
We affirm life, we choose life, we are here for one more day of life and we say ‘yes’ to it."


Lac19 said...

Is it just me or the link in the very same sentence of "Red-blooded, food-loving, friendship and love-seeking life" and "feasts of publicans and sinners" is a bit like not being able to think of sexuality outside the framework of sin... Apologies if I'm wrong.

Jane said...

Actually I think you could well be right
however I think the intention was to say that actually the publicans etc were not sinners as such at all.
Have a good day - et merci pour hier soir