Sunday, 11 May 2008

Trouver sa voix - Trouver sa voie

I preached on Ezekiel 37 and John 20.19-23 for Pentecost this morning.
The title of the sermon was "Trouver sa voix ~ trouver sa voie" which is a play on words in French - it means finding your voice, finding your way. I enjoy the act of preaching - it is often very different from the preparation and how you imagine the sermon will be. I particularly wanted this morning to speak to the young people but it also needed to come from the heart of my own experience - sometimes preaching is the perfect therapy and that was certainly true for me today. Of course all preachers need to be careful about preaching becoming the externalising of their own psycholigical and faith hang ups, but sometimes the text, the event and the preacher just click and it's special to be part of that.
I was trying to encourage the young people and all of us to find our voice in order to find our way. As I was preaching I realised how very different the sermon would have been if I'd been preaching in England or even just in English - I'm not sure that English non-conformists have a shared identity any longer in the same way that French Protestants do.
Dr B is rather sad that I haven't been doing a series of sermons on Dr Who but that is not part of cultural heritage here. As it was, I began by talking about the experience of slavery in the US and sang a bit from Dem Bones, dem bones dem dry bones and ended by getting everyone to sing in Yoruba a simple song called "Wa, wa, wa emimimo ..." come, come come Holy Spirit.
Anyway having found my voice I now just need to find my way!