Monday, 26 May 2008

Pray for Zimbabwe ~ Priez pour le Zimbabwe

This week the ecumenical prayer cycle encourages churches to pray for the people of Botswana and Zimbabwe. The liturgy from this morning is posted here. We placed dried dead branches into a vase during a prayerful meditation. Then as we said the psalm together a colleague from South Africa placed a single green branch of flowering lilac in the middle of the vase of dead branches as a sign of hope and life triumphing and growing.
No sermon this morning just silence as we let the words of Christ from Luke 4 sink in. All of us had heard the news - about the renewed election campaign, about attacks on Zimbabwean refugees, about fears for the safety of opposition leaders and followers.
We prayed, we sang and we hoped ...

ENI has reported that open air prayer services are being banned in Zimbabwe.