Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Investing in people - a sermon by Manoj Kurian

I've just posted my colleague Manoj Kurian's sermon to the document section. We were remembering colleagues who have recently moved on from work in the ecumenical centre and also those who have recently begun work here.
Manoj used this context and the Bible texts to preach on investing in people. As an international health care professional he knows alot about the crisis in human resources in health systems around the world. So often rich nations entice nurses and doctors trained in poor countries. At the same time we maintain quite dreadful rhetoric about people coming from abroad to "steal" our jobs. Wanting to have it both ways.
Anyway Manoj insisted on God's investment in human beings as the only way forwards:
"Have you ever thought what it would have been like if God so so loved the world that God gave the world -
God’s only document;
or God’s favourite strategy;
or perhaps in God’s name a grant of a few billion Francs;
perhaps a new temple or tall cathedrals;
or a vast new diocese;
or a great new organization;
appoint a new political leader;
formulate a new ideology;
maybe even design a smart weapon to tame the world!
No! For the salvation of humanity, God gave a caring human being. He was vulnerable yet strong; audacious yet obedient; humble yet never shied away from truth. "


Lac19 said...

I really this guy!

Jane said...

I know I should have tried to make an MP3 of his sermon - but his delivery was not quite loud enough - now if Desmond Tutu comes then we go MP3 crazy ok?

marcelo said...

Good sermon. I appreciate the chance you give to us all far from Geneva to have access to this.