Monday, 26 May 2008

Do you have time ... ?

So I admit it, I waste time. On Sunday afternoons I while it away looking aimlessly at yesterday's newspapers; I drift into the garden and don't do the weeding; I worry pointlessly about tomorrow and next week and my life, sometimes for hours; I dream about tidying my office and doing some calligraphy; most sinful of all I watch gardening programmes on the telly ... and of course I also worry that i'm so stressed

There is a good essay called Time on our Hands by Steven Cave in the Financial Times (there's that word again!). He reviews three books on time and says this:

"How is it we have such a wealth of time, yet never enough? How can it be that our supposed lives of privilege feel so pressured? Three recent books tackle this paradox from different perspectives and come to surprisingly similar conclusions on how we can become masters of our own days: by reclaiming control of our calendars and by appreciating the value of the moments that make up our lives."

Now of course you'll just have to make time or take time out to read the article or maybe one of the books below.

Discretionary Time: A New Measure of Freedom
By Robert E Goodin, James Mahmud Rice, Antti Parpo and Lina Eriksson
CUP £17.99, 462 pages

Time: A User’s Guide
By Stefan Klein
Translated by Shelley Frisch
Penguin £8.99, 342 pages

Making Time: Why Time Seems to Pass at Different Speeds and How to Control It
By Steve Taylor
Icon Books £12.99, 288 pages


Lac19 said...

Hey! Do you watch gardening programmes on TV? But then you are time-rich! :o)

PS. Anyone who can read 300-400 pages on how to better use time doesn't really need that reading.

Jane said...

I watch gardening programmes so I don't have to do the gardening!!
:o) I am a VERY sad case!