Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The big switch on for the big bang today

You can listen live to reports from the BBC's Andrew Marr about the switch on of the hadron super collider beneath our feet here in Geneva - though I do wish they'd stop saying the tunnels are beneath the alps - the tunnels are at the foot of the jura in France and Switzerland. Anyway I hope to be able to listen again to it later in the week. The BBC have been lucky to get privileged access to CERN for the switch. Marr was claiming they were the only journalists allowed in to the switch on. More about the programmes here.
My friend Evelyne Auberson has also done a "juste ciel" on Radio Suisse Romande on the big bang and the Cern experiment. I'll add the listen again link when I can.
Meanwhile if satire is your thing you may prefer to read this article which says scripture scrolls have been foudn which say the world will end on September 10 2008. hmmm ... well if it does no one will be reading this. The article says:

The Vatican and leading Islamic Clerics as well as Jewish leaders have pleaded with the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) not to switch on a giant particle accelerator designed to unlock the secrets of the Big Bang after ancient scrolls, predicting the end of the world this Wednesday, were made public.
The scrolls, written in Arabic and held by the Vatican are revered by Muslims and Christians who agree that the documents are real and authentic - they have been kept secret until now.
The scrolls claim that on Wednesday September 10 2008 - 'The Oceans will boil and the sky will turn black - from within the bowels of the earth will come a terrible fury - Armageddon comes and the doomsday arrives for all.'
"I'll be honest" said one Priest "I am worried. We asked CERN not to turn on the machine but they won't listen - they are doing it."

Before you all start going out fact checking and starting a new conspiracy theory the version of this I recieved had a line at the top saying: The story below is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious. In case you were wondering that means it's not true, ok.
A colleague has also remarked that the only balck hole he's noticed so far is the CERN live webcast. That's right folks the screen is, well, black.