Thursday, 11 September 2008

La CULTina

Food at the opening reception of the of the Promised Land ecumenical consultation was provided by people dressed in shirts which said “Küche für Leute mit Sharfsinn” which could be translated as “cooking for people who like what’s hot”. Seeing the T-shirts I was intrigued and found papers and postcards on the tables explaining a bit more about la CULTina which is a training restaurant for young asylum seekers and refugees. It offers them a skill they can either take with them if they return or which makes them more able to enter the job market in Switzerland if they get their papers. They call their programme “the hot recipe for cultural understanding” – it’s not just about training people it’s also about raising awareness of other cultures in Bern. The food was great, beautifully thought out, well presented and most importantly delicious!