Friday, 12 September 2008

Zimbabwe - thoughts, prayers and solidarity still needed

I've just posted a statement by WSCF welcoming the setting up of the new inclusive government.
You can also find details here of issues that aid agencies are facing now that the ban on NGOs has been lifted.
There are also reports that a march for peace organised this weekend by the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance has not been allowed to go ahead. the email I received said this:
"Police in Masvingo, a Southern Eastern town of Zimbabwe have withdrawn approval that had been initially granted for a Zimbabwe Christian Alliance Peace March ...
The Peace March would have started at Mucheke Township on Saturday morning under Police escort and gone through the tourist town, which is home to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. It would have culminated in an event at the Masvingo Civic Centre where political parties would have
recommitted themselves to peace. Solidarity messages would then have been read from civic society groups and a huge turnout was expected as women from the Churches had confirmed their participation."