Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Word of the day - La gauche durable

So in French sustainable development is le développement durable. In Tuesday's Le Monde Robert Solé quotes the French socialist leader (or should that be one of the leaders?) François Hollande as saying that following the "union of the left" in 1981 and the "pluralist left" in 1997 perhaps a new slogan for gathering the left could be "La gauche durable" so I now wonder whether this should best be translated as the sustainable left or the long-term left?
Hmm ... looking at the Labour Party in Britain, the Parti socialiste in France or the SPD in Germany really the very last words that come to my mind are durable or sustainable. All three parties seem to be imploding, really it's just a question of which of them will be in the wilderness for the longest ... which does rather make me sad. I shall, God-willing, probably be a pensioner before the left has another chance.
And of course I still do not understand what possessed Blair to go into Iraq. The left involved in a completely illegal not to say unsustainable war. I'm glad I don't have to listen to his confession.
Anyway Robert Solé's article entitled "A Rose by any other name..." can be read here. He ends it by saying "Peut être en effet qu'une gauche bio pourrait avantageusement remplacer la gauche light."
Sometimes a rose by any other name still stinks.