Saturday, 13 September 2008

Cycling for peace

This story from ENI gives a whole new twist to the phrase "on your bike". Again the non-passive approach to peace making, stand up, get on your bike, pedal for peace.

"Eight cyclists from Europe have spent three weeks travelling through the Holy Land to highlight the need for a just and peaceful resolution to the Middle East conflict.
The bicycle journey, the third of its kind, began on 14 August in the Jordanian capital of Amman, where the riders toured the city and visited a Palestinian refugee camp. They then spent the remainder of the trip, cycling through Arab communities near Nazareth and Haifa in northern Israel, and Palestinian communities in the occupied territories.
"Starting the Peace Cycle for me was very much about my own faith, which shapes my feelings about justice and humanity," said Laura Abraham, 42, a British citizen who co-founded the peace cycling project in 2003. Participants aim to draw attention to the situation of the Palestinians, and to call for a peaceful and just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "