Friday, 12 September 2008

From a status confessionis to a hope for miracles?

This quote from Hannah Arendt came at the end of a paper by Adolfo Ham given at the Promised Land conference I'm attending in Bern at the moment.

"It is not the least superstitious, it is even a counsel of realism, to look for the unforseeable and unpredictable, to be prepared for and expect 'miracles' in the political realm. And the more heavily the scales are weighted in favour of disaster, the more miraculaous will the deed done in freedom appear; for it is disaster, not salvation, which always happens automatically and therefore must appear to be irrestible."

Adolfo Ham who is from Cuba put forward the thesis that "the problem which concerns us in this meeting can only be solved in status confessionis: when the three Abrahmic religions pray and act together to establish a permanent and just peace in Palestine."
He began his paper with a a quote from Louis Massignon, "Let us pray that the tears of the dead be stronger than the shouts for Vengeance!"