Monday, 22 September 2008

From the liturgy for international day of prayer for peace

Ginger Porter and Faautu Talapusi wrote and led our prayers in the ecumenical centre this morning as we meditated on reading the tides, paddling against the current and making new waves for peace.
Having decorated the chapel in traditional Pacific style, afterwards we were invited to a veritable Pacific breakfast feast including a delicious banana, coconut milk and tapioca delicacy.

You can find the service here.
For now here is an extract from Ginger's prayer "reading the tides".

We rowed and paddled hard for many years.
We were caught in storms, rough tides with broken paddles and no hope;
we burned in the day and froze by night;
ith blistered hands and sore feet;
we hungered and we thirst;

we missed;
we wept;
and we prayed.