Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The simple blessing of catching a later bus

This morning I was blessed by a friendly conversation. Just someone asking a question and my thoughts came out in words and I saw that I'm struggling through difficult decisions more than I realised. If I had been 45 seconds earlier at the bus stop this morning and I would not have bumped into my listening angel, who said very simply she would pray for me. It was not said lightly or cloyingly and I realised I hadn't heard those words for a long time.
This evening I was further blessed by reading Maggi Dawn's post on taking my own advice.
Maggi wrote to friend:
"Regardless of what is sensible, and regardless of what you think you "ought" to do, which of the courses ahead of you makes you feel alive, makes your heart open wider, makes you feel hopeful and as if the future is opening up not closing down? That is the route you should go."

Earlier in the post she wrote about consolation and desolation in Ignatian spirituality:

Ignatian prayer, which has among its principles the idea of consolation and desolation as modes of discernment. Ignatius defines consolation as "Every increase in faith, hope and love, and all interior joy that invites and attracts to what is heavenly, and to the salvation of our soul, by filling it with peace and quiet in its Creator and Lord." Desolation, he says, is "What is entirely the opposite of consolation … darkness of soul, turmoil of spirit, inclination to what is low and earthly, restlessness arising from many disturbances which lead to lack of faith, lack of hope, and lack of love. The soul is wholly slothful, tepid, sad, and separated, as it were, from its Creator and Lord."

Thanks to my morning angel who walked me to my office and my evening angel whose blog I lurk on, I do feel some real consolation. I also recognize what a privilege it is to have decisions to wrestle with.

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maggi said...

said a prayer for you this morning, Jane. Best wishes, Blog Angel :)