Monday, 1 September 2008

More delayed justice - how long?

A student from Africa applies to study in Switzerland, his application is accepted and supported by the institution he applies to, his visa application is rejected by the Swiss authorities.
He appealed against that rejection and won and reapplied a year later. His visa was rejected a second time.
Winning the appeal was a somewhat pyrrhic victory.
Commenting today on whether "justice delayed is justice denied" my colleague from Argentina said they have the phrase "peor es nada" which means something like "anything's better than nothing."
The young African student it would seem will have to be content to have the moral high ground and knowing he was right. He knows he has justice on his side but it will not be applied.

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Lac19 said...

'Peor es nada' doesn't really apply in this case. You can say so when you get something of what is due to you, perhaps too little too late (like condemning the killers and tortures in my country last week, when they are already with one foot in their graves), but still you get *something* of it. Doesn't seem to be the case here. Unfortunately.