Sunday, 9 August 2009

And 20 years ago this weekend ...

Twenty years ago this weekend I set off for Brussels to spend a week with DR B in Brussels before setting off for Berlin together and the beginning of my East German adventure. I know that when I crossed the border into East Berlin later in August I had far too much luggage but I have absolutely no memory of how I got to Brussels nor what I did with all that luggage - surely I must have sent it on ahead to Berlin? Interesting what we remember and what we don't. I have no memory of leaving Oxford and London for Brussels, but I clearly remember setting out from Brussels for Cologne to spend the day with my parents who were on holiday there.
I should really by now have prepared some posts for Holy Disorder for later this month as I shall not have time to add much in upcoming weeks as life will be very busy at work, and my mother and Martin are arriving for a week. We'll see what I manage. Meanwhile Dr B has been writing quite alot - inbetween the long hard slog of revising the German translation of his thesis.