Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Word of the day - les retrouvailles

As the WCC's central committee begins there's alot of greeting and hugging going on in the ecumenical centre as people meet up again after a long time. Les retrouvailles is that - friends, couples, lovers, families, colleagues - meeting up and enjoying time together.
I like the word, but as I write this I can't really find an adequate English word - "reunion" doesn't really do it for me in the same way.
I also like that "une trouvaille" is a find or a discovery, so les retrouvailles is also about finding something precious that has been lost. That's stronger than "reunion" for me.
Meanwhile on my fairly infrequent trips to IKEA I always like to look in the bonne trouvaille - which is the bargain corner, the good find or good finds.
So as friends meet up again over the next week I'm hoping all will feel they've rediscovered something precious.