Monday, 3 August 2009

The bread of life - a daily challenge and promise

My friend and colleague Theodore Gill preached on the "bread of life" this morning. It was a good sermon with much food for thought - so to say.
We had a large ecumenical group of visitors from Stuttgart in prayers this morning. Next year the Lutheran World Federation will hold its assembly in Stuttgart on the theme "Give us today our daily bread". Theo underlined how important the communal theme is - "our" daily bread not "my" daily bread. Like the manna that the Hebrew people gathered in the desert, bread is also highly perishable.
I managed to record Theo's sermon on my new gadget - now I just need to get all my different gadets speaking to one another and I might even be able to post it as a podcast - if I can remember how to access my box file. Ah the trials of blogging and the technical age! Perhaps Theo will just give me his notes ...
Meanwhile you can find this morning's liturgy here and a link to the splendid LWF cookbook "Food for Life".