Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Beauty and gentleness on a full and busy day

Geneva has been thundery these past two night but this morning was fresh and pleasant, though it soon got very warm. I got to work early to prepare the new booths for the interpreters - really I must take a photo of how fabulous it all looks - especially the brilliant new staircase. I should explain that prior to this the interpretation booths for our main meeting room could only be reached by taking a two minute walk up and down staircases quite a long way away. It was the opposite of convenient. Now that's all changed and it's amazing what a difference it makes to the way that we work as a team between documentation and interpretation.
WCC central committee began with prayers this morning and then a moving moment as members gathered in front of the doors of the newly renovated hall for a time of prayer before the plaque naming the hall after the WCC's first general secretary was unveiled - Visser 't Hooft.
Later in the day as I was walking through the garden back to my office several of the stewards were already at work beginning to mark out a large labyrinth in the grass - they are using stones and a simple piece of string - tomorrow photos of that definitely as it progresses. I'm really looking forwards to using it.
As I was leaving my office towards the end of the afternoon one of my colleagues said something very lovely to me - it's easy for me to forget the good and beautiful things people do and say to me. So it's good to blog and remember gentle goodness at the end of a tiring and busy day.


Gustavo Bonatop said...

Marcelo Schneider has told me about the new plenary hall. I've heard it has new windows, besides the new interpretation booths!

PLEASE DO POST SOME PHOTOS! I'm quite curious about the renewed place! I couldn't find photos on WCC website.

Jane said...

Will try Gustavo!
We also have a brilliant "Breath of God ceiling!