Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A prayer froma friend leaving Geneva


God our creator and friend,
Let us not take those who are with us today for granted.
Help us to remember that we are only with them for a very short while.
Help us to love them as Jesus loved all those he met,
For he knew that even tomorrow they could be called back to you.

Let me not take these people for granted,
Let me not be blind to all the gifts and talents they have.
Help me to appreciate, especially, the simple things they do
-the sound of their voice,
-the jokes and stories they share,
-the work they’ve done for others.

May the hard things they do to me not cause me to forget that down inside they are good,
created in the image of God.
Give me the strength to always seek out that which is good in each person.

Help me always to remember my own giftedness,
To focus not only on my weakness but also on all the good in me, for I too was created in your image!

Help me to remember that each person here is a gift that has been loaned to me for only a short while.

Adapted from: E. Hays, “Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim” p.196 (adapted from an Aztec prayer)