Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A briliant prayer website from the Church of Sweden

Over the past few days I've been getting a sneak preview of a wonderful new website by the Church of Sweden. Our friend Marianne Ejdersten has been closely involved in managing this project and the launch took place today. She's had more than a full day with press interviews, radio and tv. It's a top story - pray to God now from your mobile. And of course you can pray in languages other than Swedish, there are already contributions in English, Italian and French.
I love the gentle background music on the site and also the really fun way it chinks and chimes as you move your cursor around. If you want to leave a prayer, select the "Skriv bön" ("write a prayer") tab, and then click on "Skicka" (send) when the prayer is completed, after having chosen a church or cathedral for the prayer to be posted in - the church will then appear on the map of Sweden.

Dr B has also written an ENI story about the launch called 'Believers, seekers and cynics' all invited to online prayer site.

"Prayer has no boundaries, specific forms, locations or special language. Anyone can pray, at any time, anywhere and about anything."

Visitors to the Web site can search prayers by keyword and using hyperlinks, and then place a link to the prayers on blogs, or social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Together the intercessions form a hyperlinked "universe of prayers" that the church says is the first of its kind in the world ...

The Web page has been launched in advance of churchwide elections on 20 September when about 5.6 million church members are eligible to vote for representatives on governing bodies at various levels from parish councils to the general synod.

The online venture complements a television advertising campaign on prayer that aims to raise awareness about the Church of Sweden and its work in advance of the elections.


MikeF said...

What a masterpiece of web design. That is the most beautiful thing I've seen on the www for a long long time...

Thank you!

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